We all know and have experienced the magic of melody. It connects directly into our emotions and can make us laugh or cry within no time. This is the power that melody has. But that is not all the melody can do to the mankind. The latest research on music shows that listening and playing music or any musical instrument can make you smarter, sharper, healthier and happier. And you get all these benefits in the maximum amount if you opt to learn and play the musical instrument piano. The instrument helps with everything from developing knowledge, improving memory power to developing the ability of planning things. It also controls the anxiety and boost memory!

Keyboard makes the learner multitasker

While learning piano either self or by piano teacher, you have to concentrate on anything same time. You have to understand the music, operate the game accordingly, and at the same time have to focus on the outcome as well. So, by learning this instrument you instruct your mind to do multiple tasks with perfection at the same time. This helps in improving your concentration as well as the memory power. Visit this link http://vauclusepianoschool.com/philosophy/staff/ for more info in piano teacher Coogee.

It boosts the brain power

Learning piano helps in making the brain stronger and well coordinated. And this is not a hypothetical view. This has been proven by the scientists as well as the researchers. According to the study done on many samples, it was found that people who learn piano used to have good coordination between the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Basically, when the people learn this instrument they have to coordinate with many things at the same time and this creates a bridge between two hemispheres of the brain. Surely, the other musical instrument learning also helps in developing the memory, but with a piano it is more prominent.

It improves the creativity

While taking music tuition in Eastern Suburbs in piano, you are motivated by the teachers to come up with something new and interesting. This helps in improving your creativity. Moreover, with the brain exercise you have already sharp your brain to think differently and out of the box. So, you get faster results with this musical instrument class.